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Public Announcement

Dear friends, partners and colleagues,

Last year has been an exciting time of development and growth for OR3. We expect more of the same in the future, and are happy to share an update with you on the current activities of the company.

OR3 is a family business, founded by Oleg Ratachov, and since 2015 we have taken a firm hold of the distribution market in Latvia. Two workshops currently operate with the aim to have a state-of-the-art production division that is a regional leader in the engineering and manufacturing of stainless steel and special alloy products in Northern Europe.

Throughout this time, we have focused on developing our company in a sustainable and ethical way, always ensuring the efficient use of resources and minimising the environmental impact at every stage of production.

We felt that in order to reflect these principles, as well as the inspiring progress and evolution of the company, a rebranding strategy was required. We created a new logo and launched a new website to give the company a fresh, international, environmentally conscious image.

Our visual identity has been adapted to clearly express our core values of Excellence, Innovation, Continuous Development and Responsibility. The design and colours used in the logo clearly demonstrate our commitment to ensuring high-quality, precise, clean forms, with transparent work processes and zero fuss for the client.

Our website, www.or3.lv, has been completely overhauled and updated, giving a modern, transparent design and feel that is both minimalistic and easier to navigate. Sections such as About Us, Mission and Vision have been added to provide more in-depth, clear information to visitors of the site.

We are proud of what we have achieved so far, and are filled with great enthusiasm and optimism for the success that we see ahead. We welcome you onboard this exciting journey, and we wholeheartedly thank you all for your valuable contribution, support and encouragement. Through our joint efforts, we shall forge a stable and bright future for us all. 

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