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LV-1005, Latvia

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OR3 designs, fabricates and assembles stainless steel tanks for a wide range of applications: storage tanks and silos, process tanks, pressure, and non-pressure vessels used in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, energy, wood pulp and paper industries. We also construct oversized tanks of any technical design, size, or wall thickness, with the subsequent delivery and installation of prefabricated units, piping systems on-site.



OR3 fabricates stainless steel tubular heat exchangers for various cooling and heating processes used in refrigeration, air-conditioning, chemical plants, petrochemical plants, petroleum refineries, natural-gas processing, and sewage treatment. Using either the clients’ technical drawings or in-house design, we produce tube heat exchangers, plate and shell heat exchangers and HVAC air coils.

Filtration systems

OR3 designs, produces, and supplies filtration systems and parts from special-alloy steel and nickel alloys based on unique technology for the chemical, pharmaceutical, chemical, energy, wood pulp and paper industries.

Metal constructions

Processing operations in mining, sewage treatment, pulp and paper industries involve aggressive, corrosive or other unfavourable operating conditions for conventional structural steels. OR3 produces and assembles stainless steel constructions of any complexity and size on-site that are capable of withstanding adverse conditions.

Tailor-made equipment

We produce tailor-made structures for various operation areas, including full spectrum services in metalworking: cutting; bending; rolling, assembly and welding; mechanical processing, cleaning, and packaging.